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How does Nine by Eight determine the cost of a design project?

At Nine by Eight, the cost of a design project is determined by several factors, including the scope of the project, the materials and resources required, and the complexity of the design. We will work closely with your chosen builder to get the project to budget. 

Are there flexible pricing options available for different project scales?

Yes, Nine by Eight offers flexible pricing options to accommodate various project scales and budgets. We understand that each project is unique, and we tailor our pricing structure to match the specific requirements and financial considerations of our clients. Whether it's a small-scale renovation or a large-scale design project, our goal is to provide high-quality design solutions that are accessible and affordable.


What Sets Nine by Eight Apart in Gaming Room and Club Design?


Nine by Eight's unique approach lies in its innovative and client-focused design solutions. Our designers, led by Alyssa, specialise in creating customised environments that reflect the latest trends while meeting the specific needs of each client. Our designs are not just visually appealing but also functional, enhancing the user experience in gaming rooms and clubs.

Do you work with other Architectural Firms?

We are happy to collaborate with other Architectural firms on bigger projects. 


Do you work on Regional Projects? 


YES, we currently have a few regional projects underway. 


What Types of Projects Does Nine by Eight Specialise In?


Nine by Eight specialises in a diverse range of projects, primarily focusing on pubs and clubs. This includes everything from small-scale renovations to large, comprehensive design projects.

What’s the Typical Project Timeline at Nine by Eight?


The timeline for a design project varies depending on its scale and complexity. Usually, around 2-6 months to lock in the design and get it documented for construction. 

Can Nine by Eight Handle Large (or Small) Projects?


Yes, Nine by Eight is equipped to handle both small-scale renovations and large-scale design projects. Our team is adaptable and can tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each project, regardless of its size.

How Does Client Collaboration Work During the Design Process?


Nine by Eight values client collaboration and ensures that clients are involved throughout the design process. We regularly update clients on progress and incorporate their feedback at every stage to ensure the final design meets their expectations.

What Level of Involvement is Expected from Clients?


The level of client involvement is tailored to their preferences. Some clients prefer regular updates and input at each stage, while others trust us to take the lead. We adapt our approach to suit each client’s desired level of involvement.

How does Alyssa ensure that gaming room designs are both functional and aesthetically appealing?

Alyssa, at the helm of our design team, excels in merging functionality with aesthetic appeal. Her approach involves a thorough understanding of the client's needs and the unique characteristics of each space. She ensures that every design element serves a purpose, whether it's enhancing user experience, improving operational efficiency, or creating a visually captivating environment. This balance is key to creating gaming rooms that are not just beautiful but also practical and engaging for users.

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