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Nine by Eight Studio undertook an ambitious project with Longueville Hotel. This case study delves into how we overcame significant challenges to deliver a transformative design within a demanding timeframe.


The Brief
Patrick Gallagher, owner of Longueville Hotel, approached Nine by Eight Studio for a swift yet quality-focused redesign. The project demanded a unique approach, different from past projects like Dicey Riley's, with a focus on speed over budget.

Carpet Selection: Setting the Foundation for Modern Elegance

The Challenge

The existing flooring lacked the modern, inviting feel desired for the gaming lounge. However, there was only a short timeframe to work with, so choices were limited. 

How Nine by Eight Proceeded

A stock carpet was chosen for its quick availability and fresh appeal. The carpet’s design and color scheme set the foundational tone for the room’s new aesthetic.

Bold Design Choices

The decision to use a red and gold carpet with a geometric design was bold and deliberate. It was about making a statement – one that spoke of luxury and vibrancy. 


The selected carpet breathed new life into the space, instantly uplifting the room's ambiance and setting a luxurious, contemporary tone.

LH - Social Before and After (3).png

Floor Plan Layout

Optimising Space with Strategic Design

Initial Challenge: The room’s small size presented a challenge for creating a dynamic and engaging gaming area.

Strategic Solution: The revised floorplan created zones for both communal and private gaming experiences. The layout was tailored to accommodate different gaming habits and preferences by patrons.

Impact: The new layout effectively transformed the limited space into a versatile gaming environment, catering to varied patron needs and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Ceiling Feature: Crafting an Illusion of Space

Design Challenge: 

Addressing the low ceiling height to enhance the perception of space.

Our Innovative Solution:

A unique ceiling feature was designed, incorporating mirrors and LED lights. The mirrors were used strategically to create a sense of heightened space while considering privacy concerns.

The Result: 

The ceiling feature not only served as a visual focal point but also made the space appear larger and more inviting, contributing significantly to the lounge’s modern feel.

LH  - Ceiling 2 (2).png

Integration of Stock GAMING Screens: Balancing Time and Style

The Challenge:

Maintaining a contemporary look within the project’s tight timeline.

Our Solution: The use of stock gaming screens facilitated swift installation while complementing the room's modern aesthetic.

Design Cohesion:

The stock screens, though quickly available, were selected to harmonise with the overall design, ensuring a cohesive and stylish gaming environment.

LH  - Screens (2).png

Hero Elements: Balancing Aesthetics for Impact

Design Philosophy: Avoiding an overcrowded look by limiting the number of 'hero elements'.

What We Did: Concentrated on the carpet and ceiling feature as the main elements of the design, ensuring other components complemented these features without overwhelming the space.

The Result: This approach ensured a balanced, sophisticated design, where each element played a role in enhancing the overall aesthetics without cluttering the visual experience.

LH  - Hero 1 (2).png


High level of client collaboration to overcome obstacles

The major challenge was the aggressive timeline. Recognising the client's time sensitivity, Alyssa employed innovative methods like real-time 3D model adjustments during meetings, fostering trust and streamlining the design process.

Our team's agility in design and execution played a crucial role in meeting this demand.


Finalisation and Execution:

Post the approval of the design, the project swiftly moved through documentation and manufacturing stages, with Nine by Eight Studio efficiently coordinating with suppliers and builders to meet the tight deadline.



The Longueville Hotel gaming room rejuvenation exemplifies Nine by Eight Studio's commitment to our core mission to create distinct, immersive spaces that resonate with clients' visions and patrons alike.

Through innovative design solutions, agile project management, and a client-focused approach, Alyssa Suyko and her team certainly achieved a remarkable transformation, despite the significant time constraints.

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