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Our redesign of the gaming venue at Dicey Riley’s showcases our ability to turn constraints into opportunities. 

Dicey Riley’s, a venue known for its vibrant atmosphere, had a gaming lounge that lacked the allure it once had. Nine by Eight Studio, under the creative guidance of Alyssa Suyko, rejuvenated this space, crafting an experience that transcended the ordinary confines of budget and space.




Visitors were greeted with ambiguity upon entry. The gaming lounge’s entrance was not immediately noticeable or inviting, offering no hint of the excitement that lay within.

How we helped:

The team reimagined the entry points, presenting three distinct design options, focusing on how the exterior could hint at the interior’s excitement. The chosen leaf pattern, for its welcoming and intriguing nature, set the stage for what lay ahead.

The new entry points now invite guests to step into a world of gaming with a promise of something special.

DR - Entry Points 1 (2).png

Carpet as a Primary Design Element 

The Visual Challenge

The floor, a vast canvas, was uninspiring. Being one of the largest planes on which design could have an immediate impact, it was important to improve this, which influenced the rest of the design. 

Bold Design Choices

The decision to use a red and gold carpet with a geometric design was bold and deliberate. It was about making a statement – one that spoke of luxury and vibrancy.​

DR - Carpet (2).png

Joinery + Gaming Screens

Merging Function with Style



The gaming machines and their bases were purely functional, devoid of any aesthetic appeal.

Collaborative Solution:

In collaboration with Capital Design Works, the team crafted gaming bases with integrated LED lighting, illuminating the carpet and creating an immersive gaming experience.


The custom joinery and strategic lighting played a crucial role in creating a modern, engaging gaming environment.

DR - Joinery (2).png


"Alyssa had a strong vision for our gaming lounge refurbishment from the beginning. We consulted and discussed the various elements of design back and forth and ultimately I felt confident in Alyssa’s recommendations, especially after seeing the 3-D Mock-ups. and placed my trust in Alyssa.   Alyssa worked within our budget parameters and excelled in guiding us through the various development stages.   In particular Alyssa’s  confidence through her experience in knowing what can be achieved and her constant accessibility in overcoming challenges and maintaining design integrity guided the process nicely. The final result was an outstanding success" George Poulus - Licensee Dicey Rileys Woolongong


Making the most of every cent

The main hurdle in the Dicey Riley’s project was to make the most of limited resources. Alyssa emphasised the necessity of replacing key elements like gaming bases, screens, and carpet to achieve a significant visual transformation. 

Alyssa was able to adapt the design to fit the client’s budget, with the end result exceeding every one of the client’s expectations.

Persuasion through Visualisation: 


Using digital 3D renders and virtual visualisations, Alyssa and her team convinced the client of the need for a complete rejuventation of all elements of the gaming room, while still keeping within the client’s budget.

Cost Management: 

Collaborating with Capital Design Works, Alyssa played a pivotal role in balancing design aspirations with budget constraints. This involved constant negotiations to align the costs with the client’s expectations.

Building Trust: 

Establishing trust was crucial. Through in-person meetings and showcasing design choices,  Alyssa was able to offer designs that aligned with the client’s budget and design goals and showing them the opportunities available to them. This showed the flexibility we can offer our clients based on their own design ideas and preferences. 

Results and Impact

The transformation of Dicey Riley’s underlines the importance of understanding client constraints and turning them into design opportunities. The project not only achieved a visually appealing result but also demonstrated the value of strategic planning and client collaboration in the design process. 

Visual Impact: The replacement of key elements led to a striking makeover of the venue.

Client Satisfaction: The project’s success fostered a long-term relationship, leading to further collaboration with Dicey Rileys for other areas of the venue.

Budget Alignment: Efficient cost management ensured the project met the client’s financial constraints without compromising on design quality.



Dicey Riley’s transformation highlights Nine by Eight Studio’s ability to work within budgetary constraints while delivering a visually appealing and functional design. 

Each design choice, from the entryway to the carpets, joinery and lighting, was made with the intent to create a space that feels warm, modern, and akin to a high-end casino. 

The project stands as a showcase of the studio's commitment to client collaboration, innovative design solutions, and creating spaces that resonate with both clients and patrons.

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